Jazz Insight Programs for Other Venues


Conventional Concert The concert program includes standards, jazz classics, originals, and a mix of grooves, styles and arrangements. Tunes from our latest CD are included. An optional pre-concert lecture, or a meet and greet post-concert session can motivate audience members to inquire into the art of listening. Band size - 2-5.




"Mike and Laura are accomplished, talented and very personable performers."
    Linda Marsella, Director, Mariposa Museum, Peterborough, NH


Jazz Alive! Every element in jazz has its counterpart in life. Through the fascinating interactions in pieces like Countin' the Blues, Feelings, Jazz Sandwich, I Love Jazz and Jazz Scenes from Life, all of the basic features in jazz are brought to life. Jazz classics like Summertime and Bye Bye Blackbird round out the program. Topics include improvisation, scat singing, swing, song form, the blues, instrument roles, interactions in the band and listening skills. This show is tailored to audience size and age range, and is presented at all venues. Band size 2-5. Go to Jazz Alive!


The Song Is You! An interactive, co-creative jazz concert where the audience is the inspiration! This innovative program calls upon anyone with imagination and a sense of adventure to come join the fun. In the spirit of comedy improv, the audience is given a variety of scenarios to work with. The band calls for suggestions and participation within a context they set out. Examples are:Feelings (you name them, we play them) Conversations (you describe the scenario) The Story (you define the setting, characters, etc.) Interactions also include call and response scat singing, learning a jazz standard, and several chances to be the percussion section and backup vocals. Several jazz standards and originals are included as well, to give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a traditional jazz concert. Band size 3-5. Ages 12 and up.

Shammy and the Wizards of Jazz  Experience the MAGIC of jazz. Jazz is magical in the sense that jazz, like all spontaneous living, is full of surprise and wonder. This program demonstrates the magical elements of jazz in the context of entertaining skits that magically explain the art of jazz listening. Costumes, drama and comedy join forces with great music and sound pedagogy to provide a solid learning experience. Band size 3-5. Grades K-12 or family show. Audience size - up to 250.

Jazz and the Art of Creative Listening   See description below.




". . . totally professional in every respect, and, even more importantly, has the rare ability to captivate an audience. Mr. Kolodny and his band have my heartfelt recommendation."
   Chuck Reichenthal, Program Director, Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association



Jazz and the Art of Creative Listening   Based on our CD, Jazz and the Art of Creative Listening, this inspiring program introduces the elements of jazz using many examples from our CD such as: Jazz Conversations, The Jazz Accent, Embellishing a Tune, and Scatting the Blues. Participants get right inside these elements as they listen, sing, clap, drum, move and groove with the music. Listening skills are discussed and explored. There is ample time for questions and discussion, and to share insights and views about jazz. Designed for anyone over age 10, those involved in the arts or education will be especially interested. This program is available in either the concert or workshop setting.

Improvising Jazz    This class is offered to amateur jazz instrumentalists and vocalists at all levels of experience. Experienced players will revisit basics from a fresh perspective, and get advanced techniques in light of these basics. The class covers basic improvising skills such as playing by ear and memorization. Scales, patterns, rhythms and harmony are explored in the context of imaginative games. Jazz application involves simple folk tunes, authentic jazz riffs and blues, jazz standards, grooves, vamps and drones. The emphasis is on student experience. Process and awareness are valued above "product." This approach helps the student's appreciation of their own style and fosters self confidence in practice and performance. Practice techniques for a lifetime of study are provided.

The Playful Voice - Exploring Vocal Improvisation
This performance/workshop uses vocal improvisation as a vehicle for opening up one's spirit. Through performance, demonstration and interaction, Laura Pierce leads the group in exploring ways to have fun and be creative, and to express themselves freely with vocal improvisation. Participants get to try scat singing, in the context of familiar folk tunes, the blues, jazz and free-play. No experience is necessary, participation is optional and everyone from non-musician to professional vocalist will find something of value in the workshop.