Jazz Insight Mission Statement

     Jazz Insight has developed the first comprehensive approach to teaching the art of jazz listening. Our mission is to show people: a) why jazz is valuable b) what to listen for in the music and c) how to apply jazz listening skills toward enriching other aspects of their lives. Jazz Insight's teachers are all master jazz musicians who are also master educators. Our services include live performances, workshops, recordings, books and videos.
     Jazz is fun. It feels good. Every element of life is also in jazz: imagination, compassion, daring, invention, humor, subtlety, beauty. Jazz lifts the spirit and broadens the mind. Jazz is America's original fine art. The U.S. Congress has declared jazz to be a "national treasure," and so it is. But it is a buried treasure for most Americans. Our mission is to help people find and enjoy the treasure.
     Today, as from the time it was born, jazz is about freedom. Not freedom from outside interference, but freedom from within, a freedom borne of self-awareness and inner strength. Jazz Insight believes that jazz is a spiritual art which can elevate a person's awareness. When approached with reverence, jazz is a sacred activity, imbued with great power to heal and inspire. When used as a model, jazz can inform our lives towards living in the moment, connecting with the spirit within, and expressing ourselves creatively.
     Jazz is not a frill. It is one of the most fundamentally practical, useful activities in human history. Our mission is to connect people with jazz by helping them hear and feel what makes it so valuable. Like all treasure, jazz can only be of practical value when it is: desired, sought, discovered, and spent wisely. Jazz Insight provides the map to the treasure and the key to the treasure chest. All the listener needs to do is to "dig!"
     Most jazz appreciation focuses on jazz history. History brings the listener to the gate. Jazz Insight's pioneering approach to jazz appreciation goes through the gate, right into the listening landscape. Like any skill, the art of listening requires attention and guidance to be done successfully. Would it be possible to enjoy a ball game, or build a garden without knowing the elements and steps involved?
     Listening is a wonderfully subtle, fully alive activity. It isn't an automatic response of the nervous system! Jazz is a prolific fine art - combining skill in composition, improvisation and performance with a knowledge of folk and classical elements from throughout history and around the world. To fully appreciate this scope, jazz insight is essential. Fortunately, the art of jazz listening is as much fun to learn as it is to put into practice.