Jazz Insight General Program Information

Programs offered include Performances, Workshops and Residencies.

PERFORMANCES can be standard concerts, or can include optional audience participation. Each program is designed to inspire a deeper interest in jazz, and to provide skills for more satisfying listening. All of our educational programs touch on: the process of improvisation, the feeling of swing, each instrument's character and role, interactions among the members of the band, the nature of listening, and the ways jazz can be of value in one's life. Our presentations are not focused on history, but are created to involve people with the music itself. Programs range from 30 minutes to two hours in length. Warm-up and benefit performances are also available. See School Programs and Programs for Other Venues for complete descriptions of all programs.


"When I first heard Michael and Laura in concert I was struck by their clarity, their authentic jazz stylings and their professionalism. They are gifted, original and imaginative . . .
steeped in the tradition of the jazz immortals."

    Bill Dryer, Managing Director, Parkway Playhouse, Burnsville, NC


WORKSHOPS for listeners, music students, and amateur musicians are available. These workshops are described in School Programs and Programs for Other Venues. Workshops are taught by Michael Kolodny or Laura Pierce, with assistance from other band members in some situations.

RESIDENCIES by Michael Kolodny are available from Grade 4 up. This residency is described in School Programs.

TOURING SCHEDULE. Jazz Insight travels throughout the continental United States, and is also available internationally. Please inquire about specific dates or time frames.

VENUES. Jazz Insight plays for interested audiences everywhere. Venues include, but are not limited to: Concert Halls, Theatres, Festivals, Art Centers, Civic Centers, Schools (K-12), Universities, Museums, Libraries, Book and Record Stores, Churches, Temples, Conferences, Camps, Jazz Clubs.

GROUP SIZE. Jazz Insight's core group is the duo of Laura Pierce and Michael Kolodny. In certain cases, Laura or Michael may be available as soloist. The group is augmented, as suits the audience and venue, up to a quintet.

INSTRUMENTATION. Jazz Insight's instrumentation is as follows: Laura Pierce, vocalist, Michael Kolodny, saxophonist. The trio option would add either bass or a chord instrument, such as guitar or piano. The choice depends on the nature of the performance space and audience, as well as availability of piano. A quartet would include the bass and chord instrument. The quintet includes bass, chord instrument and drums. In addition to saxophone, Michael Kolodny plays drums on some pieces at performances that do not include a regular drummer.

FEES. Fees vary depending on the group size, venue, and block booking. Please call to inquire. 1-888-909-JAZZ (5299) or email us

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